This is a politics blog. Will it be contentious? It might be. The political age we currently live in is transformational and fragile. Where some see America fraught with distraught and despair, others see nonstop winning. Is there a world that exists between these two camps? I am not sure but I can try and make it happen.

When taking an honest look at the current state of our media it is not hard to see that America has industry networks that have become echo chambers for either the Right or Left, where facts are weaponized and information is siphoned off to audiences based on how they feel about issues. 

There is a spot on the spectrum that I fall on and that angle will show. But at the end of the day I will strive to examine our current times with facts, reason, and introspection. And if you feel I don’t live up to that, well, just point and say fake news!

On to a little bit more about myself.

Due to my unrelenting fascination with politics I went ahead and obtained a Master’s degree in International Relations from University of Melbourne in Australia. 

Here is a small description of what I did during my studies:

  • Specialized research in Security Studies and Middle East affairs with a heavy focus on Political Islam, Ancient and Contemporary Islamic Societies, and Middle East Wars
  • Conducted research and analysis on a broad range of political and social topics concerning U.S domestic and foreign policy
  • Developed briefing papers on topics addressing global crises and provided recommendations for points of action

Other research projects include:

  • A threat analysis of insurgent groups and the effectiveness of various counterterrorism strategies
  • A study on Islam and secular nationalism in the age of globalization
  • An Assessment on how International Law shapes the politics of conflict resolution
  • A study on Middle East revolutions and the changing political order

I am very interested in freelance writing opportunities for blogs, online magazines, and newspapers.

If any of my writing has cleared the channel of contentment, please don’t hesitate to contact me at lauren.m.gagliardi@gmail.com.

And to all fellow readers, thank you for checking out this little space of mine. On to the politics!

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