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The Curious Power of Joe Manchin

U.S Senator Joe Manchin (D-W. Va.) is playing a very interesting political game. Being the most conservative member of the Democratic Party, the senator’s grandstanding and usage of his political capital as a bipartisan politician has allowed him to shuffle between Democrat and Republican voting agendas which has left many of his Democrat colleagues, especially […]

America 2020: What Are We?

In the childhood of most millennials the year 2020 would foster wonderment about the future, a future that seemed consistent, pacing forward and bestowing upon the starry-eyed a sense that flying cars would dominate the world we would live in. At present, society has had many technological upgrades, the most revolutionizing for day-to-day life being […]

American Presidential Politics in Disarray: Greedy Capitalists and Evil Commies

The Presidential Election of 2016 has been quite a spectacle. If we can look past the theatrical antics, what you will really see is a country entering a very serious phase in its young lifespan. Its identity in the form of both micro (the American people) and macro (projection of power) underpins the current political […]

Demagoguery and the Right-Wing Power Void

When watching the Republican Presidential debates, one may think the party has been blessed with a healthy selection of candidates. With so many people running in the race for the White House the quality of candidates must be quite good. This makes sense only if you have been blind to what has been happening in […]