Monthly Archives: August 2016

Antiquity Rising: Political Islam And The New Battle Grounds Of Religion Vs. Secularism

Religion and Politics in a Changing International Order The balance between the role of religion in the construction of political authority has plagued not only contemporary society, but through the dawn of development in ancient society. The ideological doctrines of international relations and religion are irrevocably intertwined as competing entities and have historically been in […]

Quick Look: A New Power Triad of Russia, Turkey, and Iran?

Yesterday was an important day in the strategic realignment of Turkey’s new age power alliance system. Erdogan is attempting to stabilize Turkey’s regional standing after the failed July 15, 2016 coup by traveling to St. Petersburg as his first foreign trip. Erdogan is sending a loud message to the United States that he is willing […]

Hillary Clinton, Feminism and Modernism: What is Feminism in the Modern World?

In light of Hillary Clinton’s historic nomination as the first female presidential nominee of a major American political party, it is important to reflect on what Feminism truly means in modern society. Is it an archetype of principles that someone like Hillary used to fortify a path toward success? We assume that the free-thinking, industrial-paced, […]