Has the Retreat of Communism Meant the Collapse of Marxism?

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– The retreat of communism has not meant the collapse of Marxism. The interplay between concrete political structures and the adoption of various methods to bring Marxist theory to life has blurred the line between the reality of flawed human-made bureaucracy and the true essence of Marxist thought in a conceptualized framework. With the continuation of powerful countries organizing economic and political structures to forecast the misappropriation of wealth, the ghost of Marxism is ever apparent in helping to develop sustainable societal structures that place the human conscience above the accumulation of material.

– Marxism is an abstract philosophy that has conjured many different assessments to as what a true Marxist existence would entail. Communism is a politicized orientation of Marxist ideas that has been structured to fit a subjective purpose. To imply that Marxism and Communism are one in the same also assumes that the political mechanisms used to enforce the principles of each define the true nature of their inherent philosophies. If a Communist party goes out of favor it does not mean that the Marxist tendencies held within its doctrine are corrupt, nor does it mean that Marxism itself is a dead idea. It alludes to the fact that the principle goals held within Marxism were not upheld and the political will do so was flawed.

– The totalitarian structure of communism in Russia and China has inverted the true nature of Marx’s original intentions. To the leaders of these countries, Marxism was treated as a philosophy that can be partially extracted for elements found worthy by personal prognosis. This process substantially broke down Marxism into multi-polar groupings. Everyone dictated their own interpretation of Marxism without referring to his actual writings. When trying to employ Marxism in the socio-economic realm, it is very important to enact the philosophy by its entire structure. Taking the structure apart piece by piece to fulfill a political agenda will erode its validity. Marxist communism was never fully implemented by Russian or Chinese leaders. The attempt to develop it outside of Marx’s original design has not meant the death of the Marxist state of mind.

– A philosophy cannot truly die due to a failed political experiment. The critique of capitalism presented in The Communist Manifesto is quite relevant in today’s time. The fluctuations of market tendencies are usually crafted in favor of those who control the largest and most powerful economic structures. Unrivaled capitalism creates leeway for the economic elite to create the illusion that the invisible hand that underlies the wavering market can contribute to increasing the wealth of the underprivileged. To most people who study the market economy, economic liberalist philosophy has proven to be inaccurate. Marxist thought allows those not cemented in a hegemonic worldview to build esteem for the development of a more balanced society by investing time in understanding how to implement a social vehicle for economic sustainability without a strict class hierarchy. The enigma that has yet to be solved is how to create this solution in a politically realist world still inundated with nationalism, tribalism, and religiosity.

– In light of the above Marxism is still relevant despite the failure of communism. The world we live in today is definitive of the excess of unruly market forces. Many see the need to tame this beast by trying to create a way for Marxism to cede being just a written formality to becoming a living creature of hope.


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